Talcum Powder Users May File a Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

A baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuit may be filed by those who continuously used talcum powder products and ultimately received a cancer diagnosis linked to that use.

Victims Coming Forward to File a Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Lawsuit

Unfortunately, many of the victims who could have been entitled to file a baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuit may not know about it over the course of their life if they suffered fatal injuries tied to cancer.

One woman in South Carolina alleges that using talcum powder near her genitals on a daily basis caused the need for a hysterectomy and ultimately she developed ovarian cancer. Her baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuit says that the manufacturers of these talcum powder products, including Johnson & Johnson, are responsible for failing to warn the public about the significant risks of daily usage.

The plaintiffs who have already filed ovarian cancer baby powder lawsuits, allege that the manufacturers knew about the risks, but continued to promote their products as safe and effective for daily use.

Many of the women who have come forward to initiate a lawsuit allege that they have used the product for years at a time or even decades. The product is extremely popular for feminine hygiene purposes. The above-mentioned plaintiff argues in her baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuit that she used the product from 1963 to 2016 after seeing advertisements for comfort and freshness.

The plaintiff received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer in January of 2016. She has had to go through full surgical staging and abdominal hysterectomy, as well as other medical treatments, directly tied to the diagnosis of cancer.

According to the baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuit, mounting medical and scientific evidence shows an initial connections between talcum powder use and ovarian cancer. However, there are no warnings currently on the Johnson & Johnson product labels that would tell a consumer about the risks or to enable them to make an informed decision about their future. Several thousand similar legal claims have come forward by those who say they have been harmed.

A baby powder ovarian cancer lawsuit may be filed by anyone who has suffered significant damages and developed a cancer diagnosis which they believed to be tied to the talcum powder. Furthermore, the surviving family members of someone who has been killed in an incident like this may trigger an ovarian cancer baby powder lawsuit.

Many of these cases have already gone before the state court juries and have led to multi-million-dollar damage awards due to the alleged failure of the manufacturer to warn the consumers about the risks.

These cases have been centralized and consolidated into multi district litigation to reduce the duplication of discovery into common issues. According to recent statements from Johnson & Johnson, they did not intend to offer talcum powder settlements for women who have been diagnosed with ovarian cancer despite these lawsuits. Anyone who has been injured by daily usage of this product should at least investigate their ability to file a legal claim.

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