Double Amputee Awarded $109M After Failed Surgery Leads to Flesh Eating Bacteria Infection

A jury awarded a Florida woman $109 million after her doctor failed to properly perform a basic surgery resulting in the amputation of her arms and legs.

surgery toolsThe former Defense worker was left a double amputee, according to the lawsuit, from complications after surgery to remove an ovarian cyst. The woman was scheduled for a tour of duty in Iraq in 2012 and picked the doctor because he could perform the surgery before she was to deploy. However, according to the lawsuit, the doctor botched the surgery and the plaintiff was infected with flesh-eating bacteria.

“During the November 2010 procedure, Glazerman completely transected all the way through the small bowel of Carter with the instruments provided by [Tampa General Hospital], causing flesh-eating bacteria to pour into her abdomen,” alleged the plaintiff in her 2012 lawsuit.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff suffered severe medical complications soon after the surgery. The plaintiff had chosen a less invasive method, laparoscopy, that was supposed to allow her to be discharged the same day as the surgery; however, that same day she began to experience drainage at the incision site. The hospital attempted to fix the hole in her bowel caused by the botched surgery but unfortunately failed.

The patient also argues that she notified the hospital that she was allergic to morphine, but given the drug anyway. Additionally, her mother who was present after the surgery had alerted nursing staff to her daughter’s deteriorating condition after the surgery, but was only reassured by nurses. The complaint alleges that valuable time that could have been spent fighting the bacteria was lost.

“Organs and muscles had to be removed due to the presence of the flesh­ eating bacteria, necrotizing fasciitis,” alleged the complaint

The plaintiff’s arms and legs developed the infection and ultimately had to be removed. The plaintiff is now a double amputee.

The plaintiff underwent three trials and two hung juries before she was awarded the hundred-million-dollar verdict. The final jury found that the University of South Florida was at fault for the botched operation and the resulting amputation of the plaintiff’s arms and legs that leave her a double amputee for the rest of her life.

Catastrophic Personal Injury

A double amputation or any other catastrophic personal injury can be devastating. If the injury is caused by the actions or negligence of another person or entity, like a hospital, additional medical expenses, lost wages, and other damages can be recovered. To recover damages, the injured person and/or their family members may need to file a personal injury lawsuit. A personal injury lawsuit can help hold the hospital and doctor accountable and also help the injured party and their family receive compensation to help deal with current and future care and lost income.

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The Double Amputee Lawsuit is Case No. 12¬ca¬009942, in the Circuit Court for the 13th Judicial Circuit in and for Hillsborough County, Florida.

Note: Bradley/Grombacher is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.