Propoxur Named in Prop 65 Violation Over Flea Collars

A toxic item at pet stores was recently named in a Propoxur Prop 65 violation notice. Unfortunately, flea and other similar medications and tools designed for use with pets can have significant risk of exposure to humans. That is why the Propoxur Prop 65 notice outlines the product known as Albertson’s Flea and Tick Collar.

Flea Collars Contain Dangerous Substance According to Prop 65 Violation Notice

Flea collars for kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs often contain toxic chemicals designed to interrupt the life cycle of the fleas. However, the highest risk ingredients present problems for humans, including development of cancer.

The EPA has named Propoxur as a likely carcinogen and it is also included on Proposition 65, the comprehensive list of dangerous chemicals that could lead to injuries for humans. The Propoxur Prop 65 notice might expose any human in the vicinity who inhales it, ingests it, or comes in other physical contact with it, at risk of developing cancer.

The Propoxur Prop 65 violation notice has recently put the makers of flea collars on alert with regard to their alleged violation of California laws. Exposure can occur via dermal contact with animals wearing flea collars that contain Propoxur in addition to any hand-to-mouth contact that follows after dermal contact.

History of Prop 65

Prop 65 is a California specific law that enables consumers and other entities to come forward with allegations of violations if they believe that manufacturers of products have not put a clear and reasonable warning about products that are reproductive toxicants or known to cause cancer. Labels must contain relevant information so that consumers can make informed decisions about whether or not to purchase a particular product.

Warning labels telling consumers about the risks of using them can be found on numerous different products, including padlocks, dishes, pesticides, and electrical wires. As consumers have taken a more active role in reporting their own concerns about Prop 65 violations, more and more companies have found themselves in receipt of a Prop 65 notice.

Given the severe risks that Propoxur carries for consumers, any consumer who identifies that Propoxur is inside a flea and tick collar or other pet medication should come forward. Consumers, safety advocates, and government agencies have all been involved in the discovery of products containing chemicals that are included in Prop 65. If the maker of that product omitted a reasonable and clear warning, a violation or other legal action can lead to compliance.

If you think you know of a company currently in violation of Prop 65, as a consumer, you should know that you have rights. You can schedule a consultation with the lawyers at Bradley/Grombacher to learn more about how to move forward after you discover a dangerous chemical on a product without the required warning.