New Shipping Injury Lawsuit Filed Over Damaged Legos and Broken Bones

A lawsuit over faulty shipment proceeds regarding an autism charity has emerged as a result of damaged Legos and broken bones. The shipping injury lawsuit was filed after a volunteer was seriously hurt.

A federal judge has now granted an autism charity as well as an injured volunteer, the opportunity to reevaluate their case against a shipping company, a container company, and a freight broker.

Shipping Injury Lawsuit Filed by Harmed Volunteer

The shipping injury lawsuit alleges injuries including two strokes and broken bones in addition to the damage that happened because a shipment of Legos was packaged poorly.

The Eastern District of Pennsylvania judge allowed a recent motion in the Lego injury lawsuit to file an amended complaint against the defendant shipper. The shipping injury lawsuit was filed against multiple parties after serious injuries were sustained by those unpacking the materials.

Defendants in the shipping injury lawsuit include a freight broker based in Delaware and a Wisconsin manufacturer of plastic storage products.

Unfortunately, the shipping industry is well-known for injuries on the job. However, visitors and volunteers at non-profits may also be put in harm’s way when a shipment is not packed or loaded correctly.

Any type of product can become dangerous or even lethal depending on the specifics of the packing errors. If a person or entity can ultimately be held liable for those mistakes, it could prompt a shipping injury lawsuit.

According to the shipping injury lawsuit claim, the defendants improperly loaded the Legos that the charity had requested, using pallets of the wrong size and dangerous stacking them one on top of the other.

This loading allegedly damaged the Legos and caused a pallet to crack during the unloading process. A volunteer was unable to get out of the way, a fact he blames on the packer, according to the shipping injury lawsuit.

The volunteer working for the charity was critically injured and came forward to file a Lego injury lawsuit after that experience. The double stacked pallet had thousands of pounds of Legos bouncing on the edge of a trailer, according to the lawsuit.

Injuries Alleged by Hurt Volunteer

When the allegedly poorly packed Lego shipment collapsed and fell on top of the volunteer, he dislocated a kneecap, lost a tooth, and suffered two strokes due to being crushed. Furthermore, the charity alleges that they lost money because of the damage done to the Legos rendering them unusable.

The defendant companies were sued in the Lego injury lawsuit for breach of contract as well as negligence. According to statements from the judge in this case, the cargo was loaded improperly, damaged during the unloading process, and damaged in transit.

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