Recalled Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Problems Continue for Patients

Recalled Zimmer Shoulder Biomet problems are on the rise as more patients come forward with allegations that the manufacturers are responsible for this defective product.

Zimmer Biomet Shoulder Recall Affects Many Patients

The Zimmer Biomet Shoulder recall occurred in early 2017. Those who have received the dangerous and defective implant may continue to experience a high risk of catastrophic injuries such as fractures.

The Zimmer Biomet Shoulder implants have been used in shoulder replacement surgery since 2008. Due to the fact that they were extremely popular for shoulder implant surgery, thousands of people across the country may be at risk of suffering permanent loss of shoulder function, infections, fracture or even death.

The Food and Drug Administration initiated the Zimmer Biomet Shoulder implant recall after identifying that more than 3,600 of those models had higher than anticipated fracture rates.

Many of these patients began to experience sudden and unexplained pain after going through surgery that was intended to reduce their pain and give them greater mobility.

Because of the fracture problems associated with so many patients who used this system, the FDA issued a Class 1 recall of the device. A Class 1 recall is only issued for devices that have an enhanced risk of critical injury and in some cases, death.

The initial urgent medical device recall notice regarding the Zimmer Biomet shoulder implant was sent at the end of 2016, requesting that the medical community make staff aware of the shoulder replacement issues.

That was also the time at which it was requested that the company identify and quarantine the recalled implants. The products affected by the Zimmer Biomet shoulder implant recall were made between October of 2008 and September of 2015. However, they could have been used in shoulder implants all the way through 2016.

Those patients who have received a Zimmer Biomet shoulder implant may be at risk for infection and other severe side effects that could lead to medical problems and additional expenses.

Many patients have come forward with concerns about their Zimmer Biomet shoulder implant after suffering unexpected pain following shoulder replacement surgery. Some of these patients have had to go through additional procedures and other medical complications as a result of the fracture or failure rate.

The recalled product specifically is the Comprehensive Reverse Shoulder system humeral tray model 115340.

More lawsuits have been filed in the last several years for shoulder implant failure and a broad array of other types of medical devices that have left patients with severe or disabling injuries. These patients argue that neither they nor their doctors were told about the risks prior to the implantation procedure, and these patients want to hold the manufacturers accountable for defective or dangerous devices on the market.

Those patients who suddenly experience pain and other problems should seek medical advice and report their concerns directly to an attorney as soon as possible.

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