False Advertising Lawsuit Filed Against Apple & Eve Over Sugar and Preservative Claims

An Apple & Eve lawsuit says the company is not accurately marketing their juice products. The promises that the juices are natural and not made with sugars, according to the lawsuit, is inaccurate and is harming consumers.

Apple & Eve Lawsuit Alleges False and Misleading Advertising

Two plaintiffs have come forward to file an Apple & Eve lawsuit due to alleged false advertising. They filed this consumer protection lawsuit on behalf of all plaintiffs who were misled by the marketing materials that claim Adam & Eve products made by the company have no sugar or no preservatives.

The Apple & Eve lawsuit alleges that the company uses the term “no preservatives have been added”. However, the preservative citric and ascorbic acid have been found in the products, according to the plaintiffs. The Apple & Eve lawsuit alleges that false advertising leads customers into thinking they are purchasing a healthier option. The lawsuit alleges that customers paying a premium  based on the false advertising, but the products fail to live up to their marketing claims.

The Apple & Eve lawsuit also argues that the products claim there is no sugar added; however, this is misleading, according to the plaintiffs, because consumers think they are receiving a low-calorie product based on this advertising, when the juice products actually have a high calorie count.

The Apple & Eve lawsuit explains that consumers now have an increased interest in nutritious beverages and concerns over excessive sugar. This leads many consumers to be willing to pay a premium for products that are advertised as containing no sugar or preservatives.

The Apple & Eve lawsuits says that the defendants are responsible for misleading consumers by falsely advertising that their products do not contain sugar or preservatives.

The affected items in the Apple & Eve lawsuit include their apple juice, cranberry juice, cranberry-raspberry and berry-berry juice. The Apple & Eve lawsuit says that the defendants are responsible for violating consumer protection laws at the state level across the United States.

False advertising laws require that marketing materials meet certain standards. This allows consumers to make informed decisions about their purchases. When a company is accused of violating these laws and consumers can show damages as a result, a lawsuit may be filed.

As the Apple & Eve lawsuit argues, consumers have a right to make decisions based on accurate marketing materials and statements on the exterior of the packaging for a product.

Consumers are increasingly coming forward with allegations of misleading information to file lawsuits against those companies and hold them responsible for deceptive and misleading advertising. If you believe you have grounds to pursue such a claim, you need to consult with the experienced attorneys at Bradley/Grombacher as soon as possible- fill out the form on this page to learn more about your options.

The Apple & Eve lawsuit is Qurioz & Fernandez v. Apple & Eve LLC.  Case No. 2:18-CV-00401 filed in the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York.

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