ERISA Quadriplegic Woman Injured in Catastrophic Accident on Mission to Recover

Three years after a catastrophic accident that left her a quadriplegic , a former member of the Air Force is now finally able to feed herself. The road to recovery is long and she says she will still in need or more therapy for a long time.

Catastrophic Accident Halts Business and Life Plans for Air Force Member

The injured woman was in India studying to become a yoga instructor when she was thrown from a vehicle in a catastrophic accident in November of 2014. She became a quadriplegic as a result of that incident and has spent years recovering.

Her spinal cord was severed in the catastrophic accident. She and her spouse had to use their retirement funds in full to return to the U.S. The cost for the materials to outfit their home in addition to her medication has already topped $2 million. Since she was an Air Force veteran, the VA has covered approximately 90% of those costs, but she and her family face life long medical expenses in her road to recovery. Her parents have become her full time caregivers.

Recently, donors banded together to raised $25,000 to send her to an intensive therapy program specifically for spinal cord injuries. State of the art equipment and machines are used with the goal of restoring patient body function as much as possible.

The victim of the catastrophic accident has completed one phase of that program but will have to go back for round two at a cost of an additional $25,000. Until she’s able to go back, doctors recommended she continue the therapy at home. A strict diet and daily stretching is designed to take her therapy as far as possible.

The woman says she knows there is a long road ahead, but her goal is to someday walk again.

The High Cost of Catastrophic Injuries

Unfortunately, for many victims of catastrophic accidents like this one, life will never be the same. Getting through one day, much less pursuing business dreams of owning a yoga studio or traveling, may be out of reach entirely without intensive therapy an medical care.

If a catastrophic accident causes injuries like a traumatic brain injury or spinal cord damage, extensive medical treatment may be necessary. The medical bills and other expenses can pile up, putting additional stress on family members already trying to do their best in a difficult situation.

If there’s not enough health insurance to cover the costs of a serious accident that leads to spinal cord paralysis, the victim and their family might face a dire financial situation or even bankruptcy. If the injury was caused by the fault or negligence of another, turning to legal action might be the only way for victims to get the help they need after a catastrophic accident to get the compensation needed to pay for lost wages, medical expenses, and other damage costs.

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