Catastrophic Injury Lawsuit Filed Against Starbucks Over Extra Hot Tea Burns

A new catastrophic injury lawsuit has been filed based on a plaintiff’s allegation that very hot Starbucks tea disfigured a woman and killed her dog. The lawsuit argues that the Colorado woman was improperly served a cup of extremely hot tea at a drive-thru window.

Catastrophic Injury Suit Blames Starbucks for Severe Burns

When the tea spilled, it severely burned her and killed her dog who was also present in the car. The catastrophic injury lawsuit is pursuing more than $75,000 in damages from the massive coffee chain, according to the complaint that was recently filed in a U.S. District Court in Colorado.

The catastrophic injury suit dates back to an incident that happened in September of 2015 when the plaintiff ordered a venti-sized hot tea at a Denver Starbucks drive-thru.

The complaint says that the plaintiff did not request that her drink be extra hot. According to the catastrophic injury suit, the lid was not secured on the cup of scalding hot tea, it was not double cupped, and it did not contain a hot cup sleeve. These are precautionary procedures designed to help a consumer in the event that a drink is extremely hot.

The catastrophic injury lawsuit argues that the tea’s temperature was unreasonably hot. The plaintiff took the cup of tea into her hands and the hot temperature burned her hands and spilled out of the cup and onto the plaintiff’s body.

The tea was so hot that it caused the plaintiff’s clothing to melt, according to the catastrophic injury suit and caused severe burns to the plaintiff on her legs, stomach, and lap. Her dog jumped onto her lap when the plaintiff began screaming and yelling and the dog later died from injuries allegedly caused by the hot tea. The plaintiff was taken to a hospital and was treated for severe burns.

She had to undergo skin graft surgery for second-degree burns on her thighs and abdomen. According to the catastrophic injury suit, she has suffered a loss of feeling, emotional distress, and permanent scarring. The catastrophic injury suit argues that the store had previously received complaints about beverages being served too hot.

While all hot beverages are served with some level of risk, restaurants, coffee shops, and similar locations should take measures to minimize a consumer’s chances of being seriously hurt. Otherwise, such an accident could lead to a catastrophic injury lawsuit.

The lawsuit argues that the defendants knew about the severe risks or should have known that providing hot tea without a hot cup sleeve, securing the lid to the cup, or failing to double cup the drink itself could put consumers at risks.

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