Cintas Overtime Pay Lawsuit Emerges in California

Cintas Overtime Pay Lawsuit Emerges in California

A class action lawsuit has been filed against Cintas Corporate Services alleging violations of employee rights. The Cintas Corporation has specialized services and products that serve 900,000 customers throughout the United States but is now the subject of an overtime pay lawsuit.

If you or someone you know has been deprived of the right pay or subjected to other unlawful workplace practices, you could have grounds to file an overtime pay lawsuit. It can be challenging to come forward with such a legal claim without the experience and knowledge provided by a dedicated lawyer.

What’s Behind Any Overtime Pay Lawsuit?

Overtime pay can often lead to questions raised by employees who were never appropriately paid for their extra work. Going above and beyond a weekly limit for hours, for example, should trigger overtime pay provisions, but some companies attempt to downplay overtime pay by asking employees not to clock in or keep track of all the hours worked.

Cintas contracts with California residents and businesses located in California to install, repair, and maintain fire alarm systems. The plaintiff filing the Cintas overtime pay lawsuit worked as a non-exempt technician for the company and filed a class action lawsuit due to an alleged failure to pay plaintiff and other Cintas technicians the appropriately calculated overtime rate.

He alleges that the overtime rate should have been time and a half for all hours worked including those hours traveling to and from the first and last worksites over the course of the work day, as well as the post-shift and pre-shift work putting together paperwork.

Off-The-Clock Hours Concern Raised in Overtime Pay Lawsuit

The Cintas overtime pay lawsuit alleges that technicians including the plaintiff worked to maintain, install or repair fire alarm systems in accordance with national standards. According to the plaintiff, he and other Cintas technicians worked off the clock for many of these hours and Cintas never compensated them for their time. The plaintiff alleges that this qualifies for time-and-a-half pay under state and federal laws.

The Cintas overtime pay lawsuit is seeking damages and unpaid wages under the California Labor Code, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, the Private Attorney General Act and the Fair Labor Standards Act.

Company vehicles are provided to those technicians to travel to and from their job locations but those vehicles are also taken home after work and used to get to the first worksite of the day. As alleged in the overtime pay lawsuit, the plaintiff and other Cintas technicians are required to put together a vehicle inspection and a driver vehicle inspection report.

This process takes up to 15 minutes every single day and the plaintiff argues that Cintas has failed to pay its technicians for this time, thus prompting an overtime pay lawsuit.

The case is Cassingham v. Cintas Corporate Services Inc., Case No. 17-cv-05014-NC, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, San Jose Division.

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