Unwanted Subscriptions Present Challenges for Consumers

Downloading certain apps might not come with a clear set of instructions about how to uninstall the app or how to get rid of unwanted subscriptions. When a mobile application requires you to sign up for a service after the fact, you may have been auto-charged for a service that you didn’t know you signed up for. Unwanted subscriptions are becoming an increasingly common issue. Some of these sign-ups even violate existing laws on auto-renewal.

How to Find Your Unwanted Subscriptions Using Phone Applications

One way to identify whether or not you have any unwanted subscriptions and to take the necessary actions to cancel them afterwards is by using the Bobby app. This application tracks your subscriptions for you. This iOS app allows you to track multiple subscriptions to determine how much money you’re shelling out every single month. Once you add in the necessary information about your subscriptions into the app, you can also customize the subscription by adding information about recurring billing cycles and more.

Another similar app is True Bill. This helps you cancel all those unwanted subscriptions. Unfortunately, millions of individuals deal with recurring payments and unwanted subscriptions every year and many people seem to think they know what they are paying for but realize only after they have been charged for a service that they should go in and cancel. That “free” credit check, airplane wi-fi or a new app you’re downloading might charge you a small amount on a regular basis but these unwanted subscriptions can add up quickly. It can take you months or years to even notice that this money is gone from your bank account. Or, you may not realize another auto-payment is coming for an unwanted subscription service and overdraft your bank account, leading to even more unwanted fees.

When you choose an app that can be downloaded to your phone such as True Bill or Bobby, you and your bank accounts can provide information about unwanted subscription services that you’re paying for and True Bill can help cancel them for you. True Bill looks at the different ways that the subscription services mandate cancellation and will automate the process for you whenever possible. In some cases, you may even be entitled to a refund that the application can help you obtain.

According to research, in 2015 $11 billion were spent on bank fees alone so it’s important to realize the potential benefits of using an application or other service to get rid of your unwanted subscriptions. If you believe that you have been regularly charged for unwanted subscriptions, and think you’ve been auto-charged for a service that you didn’t realize you were signing up for such as a free trial, you may be eligible to file an autorenewal or subscription lawsuit.

Think you have an auto-renewal lawsuit? The experienced attorneys at Bradley/Grombacher are currently investigating claims from those individuals who may have been signed up for a service they did not want and are struggling to cancel. Consult with them today to learn more.