Ocean Spray Cranapple False Advertising Lawsuit Argues Juice Is Artificially Flavored

A new lawsuit has been initiated alleging that CranApple juice is artificially flavored.

This Ocean Spray CranApple false advertising lawsuit claims that the company is responsible for failing to warn consumers about the accurate nature of the juice sold by the company.

Artificial flavorings are extremely common in many juice products today, but when labels misrepresent the contents of a food item or other good, the company may be named in a false labeling lawsuit. According to the legal claim, the artificial flavors mimic the natural ones, but any materials alleging an “all-natural” or similar status are not accurate.

Consumers use labels to make decisions about the products they will purchase and when they pay a premium for a product that is advertised as natural, or otherwise marketed in a similar manner and it is not, they may be eligible to file a legal claim. This was the case with the Ocean Spray CranApple false advertising lawsuit.

Labels Misleading According to Cranapple False Advertising Lawsuit

Allegedly, the labeling on the CranApple products display information stipulating “no high fructose corn syrup, artificial colors or flavors”. According to the Ocean Spray CranApple false advertising lawsuit, this statement is false because both of the named products have artificial flavoring chemicals used to simulate the fruit flavors advertised.

The Ocean Spray CranApple false advertising lawsuit argues that under California law the manufacturer is responsible for falsely claiming a lack of artificial flavors, using misleading advertising to trick consumers. Consumers are given the impression that they are purchasing an all-natural and premium product rather than a product that has been artificially flavored, alleges the Ocean Spray CranApple false advertising lawsuit.

The plaintiff who initiated this lawsuit in California brings it on behalf of other California consumers as well. The lawsuit alleges the juice-maker is in violation of California advertising and consumer protection laws.

Basics of False Labeling Lawsuits

Consumers use labels to render decisions quickly when purchasing consumer goods and may have purchased Ocean Spray CranApple products due to the belief that they were obtaining something all natural in basis. In recent years, the number of legal claims and consumer complaints related to labeling has increased as buyers pay more attention to advertising and marketing materials.

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The Ocean Spray CranApple Juice Class Action Lawsuit is Crystal Hilsley v. Ocean Spray Cranberries Inc., et al., Case No. 3:17-cv-02335, in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California.

Note: Bradley/Grombacher is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.