NutriBullet Lawsuit Alleges Severe Injuries Including Burns

People have come together to sue NutriBullet over injuries reportedly caused by the blenders exploding and causing injuries. In total, 22 plaintiffs have come together to lodge legal claims against NutriBullet over injuries associated with the high-speed blender. The lawsuit alleges that the spinning blade exploded and caused some users to be scalded with the hot contents.

Burned and Cut User Participates in NutriBullet Lawsuit

person holding strawberriesOne of those plaintiffs says that the appliance exploded just 20 seconds into blending a breakfast drink and chopped up his hands. That plaintiff says that he is no longer able to feel his finger. Another plaintiff alleges she suffered second-degree burns when her blender shattered and the materials inside splattered the kitchen as well.

Attorneys for NutriBullet say that these injuries are the result of misuse on the part of the user, claiming that it is not physically possible for the machine to burst after blending for just 15 to 20 seconds.

The NutriBullet lawsuit alleges that it is the manufacturer’s defects to blame for the severe injuries. The lawsuit argues that consumers are never properly warned about the risks of product explosion. As with any explosion action, the injuries can be severe and unpredictable. Many of the claims emerging from users indicate that the machine is being used normally at the time it explodes, making it hard for a consumer to even know that a breakdown or defect has occurred. This can pose serious risks for anyone in and around the machine at the time of the malfunction.

Product Dangerous With Hot Liquids

While many people use their NutriBullet for sauces and smoothies in addition to other room temperature dishes, some of the claims in the NutriBullet lawsuit alleged that the brand promotes using recipes for soup. Only particular models of the NutriBullet will make soup, however, and the burns associated with an exploding NutriBullet blender when making a soup or another hot substance could be severe.

The claims lodged in the NutriBullet lawsuit are not the first of their kind since London film director Richard Moore alleged that he was making a smoothie when the blades began to spin faster than usual before the machine exploded. He suffered severe pain and spent several nights in the hospital as a result of his injuries.

Dangers of Products Meant for Food Preparation

Any product that is used to store or cook hot liquids or contains blades and sharp devices can be deadly if it malfunctions. Those injured may have to get emergency medical care immediately to avoid follow-up issues like infection. Although NutriBullet has become a popular product for in-home use, be aware of the risks if you already own one but have been lucky enough to avoid being injured.

If you or someone you know has already been injured because of NutriBullet or a similar defective device, you need to consult with an attorney about filing a NutriBullet lawsuit. The attorneys at Bradley/Grombacher are currently investigating claims for those who believe they may have grounds for a NutriBullet lawsuit- contact the office today for more information. 

Note: Bradley/Grombacher is not representing the plaintiff in this lawsuit.