Nexium Lawsuit Alleges Severe Injuries

A new Nexium lawsuit is the just the latest in a string of allegations claiming life-threatening side effects affecting patients.

Although the medication has been widely prescribed in the U.S., thousands of patients have come forward with complaints and claims of serious injuries. These consumers all argue that they and their doctors were never fully warned of the risks before getting a prescription.

Injured patients like the ones in this most recent Nexium lawsuit believe they could have gotten an alternative medication and avoided the side effects.

Nexium Lawsuit Blames Manufacturer for Defective and Dangerous Drug

A Nexium lawsuit has been filed alleging the drug caused dangerous personal injuries and economic damages suffered. The plaintiff also alleges that the makers of Nexium failed to warn him and the medical community about the severe side effects of using Nexium. This medication is a proton pump inhibitor and is one of the most frequently prescribed drugs in the U.S.

The plaintiff was prescribed Nexium multiple times starting in 2011 and consistently throughout 2017. Her prescribing physician suggested that she take Nexium. However, she sustained critical injuries and was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Her spouse has also filed in the Nexium lawsuit for loss of consortium.

In 2015, more than 15 million people across the country used prescription PPIs. They are commonly used to treat stomach ulcers, acid reflux, GERD, and acid peptic disease.

Nexium inhibits the secretion of stomach acid and the drug binds with the proton pump that blocks the parietal cells from secreting gastric acid.

Hundreds of injury reports like those associated with this Nexium lawsuit have been submitted to the FDA after ingestion of Nexium and other PPIs has led to critical and adverse health outcomes.

Clinical studies, post market surveillance, and case reports all make up examples of complaints that form the basis of this Nexium lawsuit and others. Kidney injuries such as renal kidney failure, chronic kidney disease, acute interstitial nephritis as well as acute kidney injury have all been alleged.

According to the Nexium lawsuit, however, the defendants failed to take any action to warn plaintiffs or physicians about the risks of Nexium. The Nexium lawsuit states that there are other safer alternatives to PPI that do not have the same severe side effects.

The lawsuit states that defendants should have known or knew about the correlation between using Nexium and the increased risk of kidney injuries as well as death.

The manufacturers were accused of concealing or inadequately providing critical safety details about Nexium and the Nexium lawsuit further states that the defendants have not gone far enough to rectify this issue either.

The Nexium lawsuit is Jordan v. AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals LP, case #2:17-CV-12934-CCC-MF, filed in the U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey New York Division.

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