Jury Issues Multi-Million Dollar Award in Amputation Lawsuit

In a recent legal claim, $16 million was awarded in an amputation lawsuit for a woman who lost her hands and feet in an amputation. The vasculitis patient was 26-years-old and had to have her toes and fingers amputated at Holy Cross Hospital in Broward County, Fla.

Nearly a decade later, a jury in Broward county wrapped up that medical malpractice case, awarding nearly $16 million in damages. The jury ruled that the practitioner in question failed to properly diagnose and treat the victim who came in because of ulcerations and flare-ups on her feet.

The patient says that these injuries could have been prevented if her doctor had followed the proper standard of care, prompting her to file an amputation lawsuit to recover damages.

Amputation Lawsuit Filed After Loss of Digits and Limited Mobility

A week passed before the patient, who had reported these problems immediately upon arrival, was transferred to the University of Miami Hospital. However, at that point, the tissue in her toes and in her fingers was already dead.

According to the amputation lawsuit, the doctor’s failure to adhere to the standard of care caused the 26-year-old plaintiff to suffer severe injuries, disabling her from ever leading a normal life. Holy Cross Hospital was originally named in the amputation lawsuit but it was not found at fault, according to records. In November of 2008, the plaintiff first visited Holy Cross Hospital complaining of a flare-up in her hands as well as her feet, tied to vasculitis.

Medical Malpractice Caused Injuries, Plaintiff Says

The autoimmune disease vasculitis leads to blood vessel inflammation and can also lead to serious infections and organ damage including sepsis or blood infection. It is frequently treated with steroids and other medications designed to manage autoimmune diseases. However, the proper medication must be given in a timely fashion in order to avoid advanced conditions.

The limbs’ progressive deterioration for the plaintiff ultimately led to amputation. According to the amputation lawsuit, although doctors at the second hospital administered medication that ultimately saved the patient’s life, her extremities were black with gangrene and she was near death at the time.

Waiting too long to address an issue, in conjunction with other problems like failure to diagnose, misdiagnosis, surgical errors, and medication mistakes constituted medical malpractice, alleged the plaintiff in her lawsuit.

When a doctor or other medical professional fails to act within the standard of care recommended, the patient may suffer a catastrophic personal injury.

The gangrenous tissue could not be saved, alleged the plaintiff, forcing her to have her toes and hands amputated. The plaintiff says she relies now on prosthetic devices and is unable to stand or walk for longer than 30 minutes. In total, she lost her right thumb, the tips of two fingers, part of her left foot, and nine of her toes.

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