Essure Lawsuit Filed Against Bayer Corporation

Severe and permanent injuries prompted multiple plaintiffs to file an Essure lawsuit. The plaintiff alleges that the defective product was unreasonably dangerous and that consumers should have been warned about the serious risks associated with the Essure device.

The idea for the Essure device first emerged in 1998. The birth control system includes two expandable metal coils implanted into a woman’s fallopian tubes. Essure was marketed as a safe and effective birth control device, prompting many women to consider using it instead of alternatives. However, more and more patients came forward with claims of serious pain and medical conditions after having Essure implanted. These patients allege that neither they nor their doctors were told about the dangers and that instead, the manufacturer marketed this as a safe method of preventing pregnancy, according to the Essure lawsuit.

Essure Lawsuit Claims Many Women Suffered Severe Pain and Injuries

The primary purpose of Essure was to elicit tissue growth that causes blockage of the tubes and therefore prevents conception. Originally, Essure was approved for sale by the FDA in 2002. At that time, it was the only product on the market for the developing company and the Essure lawsuit alleges that the company attempted to downplay the severe risks associated with the medical device to avoid an impact on their sales.  Thousands of affected patients complained of adverse events directly to the developing company Conceptus. Most of these patients contacted the makers directly to share their concerns, according to the Essure lawsuit.

Users Argue Essure Makers Kept Complaint Files Secret From FDA and Public

The Essure lawsuit argues that Conceptus knew that if those complaints were ultimately public knowledge and known by the FDA, it would lead to changes in the Essure label and could minimize the number of patients interested in using the product. The Essure lawsuit argues that the developer used false and misleading statements regarding the efficacy, safety, and convenience of the device.

Multiple plaintiffs are bringing forth claims in a most recent Essure lawsuit. Many of the most common problems as reported in adverse event reports and the Essure lawsuit include chronic pelvic pain, movement of the device, risk of ectopic pregnancy, perforation of the colon, uterus or fallopian tube and allergic reactions to nickel.

The Essure device can also trigger an autoimmune disorder response. Signs that an autoimmune disorder has developed includes swollen glands, fatigue, fever without known cause, muscle pain, joint pain and swelling, sensitivity to the sun and chest pain when taking a deep breath.

If you or someone you know has been critically injured as a result of using a birth control or a birth control device, you may have grounds to file an Essure lawsuit after consulting directly with experienced attorneys.

The Essure lawsuit is Johnson et al. v. Bayer Corp., et al., Case 4:17-cv-02774-JAR in the Circuit Court of the City of St. Louis.

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