Cellulite Removal Tool Named in New Fasciablaster Lawsuit

The woman who generated a popular cellulite eliminating tool known as the FasciaBlaster is currently facing a lawsuit. Those who have been injured by it allege false advertising and gross negligence in the FasciaBlaster lawsuit. Many of the women who have attempted to use this on their legs have suffered severe burns and have submitted pictures as proof of their injuries.

Fasciablaster Lawsuit Includes Many Injured Plaintiffs & Claims of False Advertising

The entrepreneur who created the product made it so that it would aggressively massage a user’s skin in order to eliminate cellulite. However, ten plaintiffs have now come forward to file a FasciaBlaster lawsuit and allege that the company and entrepreneur failed to address the severe side effects associated with using the nearly $90.00 tool.

legThe FasciaBlaster lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court and argues that a broad range of physical injuries including hormonal instability, strokes, and bruising are all tied to use of the product. A Facebook support group has already been generated to collect complaints associated with similar allegations in the FasciaBlaster lawsuit. More than 300,000 members are already involved in that Facebook group and more are being added daily. Members in that group have expressed their concerns over deep bruises and other complications after using the FasciaBlaster as instructed by the creator.

The instructions for the FasciaBlaster are that consumers should heat up inside a sauna, cover themselves in oil and then use the tool rigorously up to four times a week to break down cellulite. The entrepreneur who created the tool and who is named in the FasciaBlaster lawsuit says that bruising that appears is a sign of restoring unhealthy fascia. However, medical professionals have already shared that there is a lack of firm science to support this.

The product was promised to work, but left many without the results they expect and actually injuries instead. The consumers further allege that the product does not even work. The FasciaBlaster lawsuit alleges that the tool fails to deliver the aesthetic results that are promised by the company.

BuzzFeed news story reported that users are suffering using the FasciaBlaster in November of this year.

Any product that presents unreasonable risks or an item that does not come with proper warnings or instructions could become the basis for a personal injury or product liability claim. The plaintiffs in the FasciaBlaster lawsuit are asking for damages for the injuries they sustained.

Claims of Cellulite Removal and Side Effects Challenged by Doctors

According to the BuzzFeed report, doctors say there’s very little evidence that massaging anything permanently can destroy cellulite. The entrepreneur who created it says that the FasciaBlaster will not bruise healthy tissue when it is used properly but doctors say that any skin can get bruised whether the skin in question is healthy or not. 

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