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When you find yourself in need of taking legal action against another party in a dispute, turn to the attorneys at Bradley/Grombacher for help. Our lawyers have more than 50 years of combined experience that can be put to work to help you get the fair and just compensation you deserve in a dispute involving employment law, consumer law, and personal injury law. We can help people stand up for themselves by holding responsible parties accountable for their unlawful conduct or negligence that resulted in a personal injury, or a violation of employment and/or consumer protection laws.

With assistance from Bradley/Grombacher LLP, you’ll feel more confident that you won’t have to endure unchecked abuse at work, be a victim of false advertising or a defective production, or financially suffer from bills racked up or loss of employment caused by a personal injury. Fair and just compensation means just that: We can help you get the fair amount of money you need to compensate for your losses or harm caused by someone else – to many, that’s the justice of the civil court system working for aggrieved parties like you.

Why Clients Choose Our Firm for Help

If you’re looking for an attorney to represent you in a legal dispute, it’s important to be sure you can have trust and confidence in your legal representation. That all comes down to how the attorney handles you as an individual and as a client with an important case that needs a favorable resolution. The distinction between the two is how well can your attorney treat you as a person while fighting tooth-and-nail for your interests against your opposition.

At Bradley/Grombacher LLP, we appreciate the severity and sensitivity of many of the issues clients call upon us for help. We know that the cases we take on for clients can sometimes have the most personally devastating facts tied to them, which is why we strive to ensure our clients are treated with the compassion and respect they need right now. We couple that individual treatment with an aggressive and professional confrontation of those responsible for violating your rights and/or causing you harm, which can often result in a favorable settlement.

Should the opposing party choose to fight in court, we are just as aggressive and tenacious at holding individuals and entities responsible for their actions when we’re in front of a judge or jury.

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If you’re interested in legal representation for a matter of law involving employment rights, consumer rights, or a personal injury, the attorneys of Bradley/Grombacher LLP have more than 50 years of combined experience that can help. We can fight for your fair and just compensation by holding those responsible for harming you or violating your rights as accountable for your personal or legal injuries.

Take advantage of a free consultation we offer to all prospective clients. During your meeting with our attorney, we’ll help you understand the validity of your claim and how our legal services can help. Podemos ofrecer servicios legales en español.

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    “Marcus guided us through the entire process with professionalism & compassion. His knowledge, thoroughness, and experience ensured the best possible outcome for our case and we highly recommend him.”

    - Kylie & Daniel C.
  • Marcus Bradley is a wonderful lawyer.

    “This settlement made it possible for my sister to have a much better life than I thought would be possible.”

    - Ellen T.

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